The Grilled Cheeseus and the Holy Spirit

Are you wondering how you can make a grilled cheese and have a holy connection with that grilled cheese?  Well, we have found that for you.  Not a paid promotion.  Just a cool item on Amazon. Have you seen this before. 

A phot of Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich from a grill press

Photo credit Amazon

Let’s read the actual description for this item.  The link is directly to Amazon we are not affiliated with this product.  

Description of the Grilled Cheeseus:

  • The GRILLED CHEESUS® is an electronic sandwich press that toasts the face of Jesus onto your sandwich bread. Inspire your family at the dining room table or impress your friends at a party. However you slice it, the GRILLED CHEESUS® lets you bring little grilled miracles to mealtime, snack time, or anytime.

Features and Deatails of the Grilled Cheeseus:

  • Features
  • Toasts the face of Jesus on every sandwich
  • Non-stick plates mean heavenly quick clean ups!
  • The rays help to evenly distribute heat ensuring the perfect toast.
  • TV show GLEE based an episode on the cheesus (Season 2, Episode 3: Grilled Cheesus)
  • A portion of our proceeds go to doing good deeds around the world.

Tell us below if you like this product, or if you think you know someone who will.  I think it could be a great way to start a lunch or breakfast.  Especially in a Catholic Church or religion class that serves meals. 

Keep on inventing, don’t reinvent the wheel.  Just improve and tweak it. Thanks, and in case you wanted to see a picture of Jesus.  

Here he is, a photo of Jesus and the sacred heart

Jesus and the sacred photo and he looks happy

Photo credit wiki

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