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If you’re a fan of TV’s Bryan Cranston than you are probably aware of the show Breaking Bad.  In Season 2, Episode 12 “Phoenix” A new addition joins the White family as Walter Jr. attempts to help out his struggling family by launching a new Web site.  That website is  A clever website viewed by over 50 thousand people so far to help save Walter White by helping people get in touch with the National Cancer Coalition.


Welcome, Breaking Bad fans!

While actor Bryan Cranston’s character, Walter White, is not a real person, millions of very real people have cancer and are faced with the same heartbreaking reality as Walter White because they can’t afford treatment that will save them.

You can help reduce the suffering of cancer patients and their families. With your help, cancer patients will receive the treatment they need to stay alive. Your support will make a real difference in cancer patients’ lives.

Check out the site and also check out the new season of Breaking Bad starting August 11,2013.

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  1. Brad says:

    Less than a week to go for breaking bad season 5

  2. Pollos Hermanos says:

    Los pollos loco Walter white

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