Secret iOS 7.0 Level and Compass Feature’s

After installing the new iOS 7 on the iPhone with no problems, I found some tricks and secrets in the iOS 7 like the level and compass.

The level is part of the compass application. You need to open it first a then swipe from the right to the left to find the level. How cool is this to hang pictures with an iPhone level that is accurate and color coded when your straight or flat.

screen shot of iOS 7 compass levellevel in ios7.jpg
Here is another shot of the level in action, it will turn green when it’s flat or straight. Try it out now if you have an iPhone.

screen shot of iOS 7 compass levelscreen shot of iOS 7 compass level.jpg

screen shot of iOS 7 compass levelscreen shot of iOS 7 compass level.jpg
From Building a bird house, to a Mac Aquarium?  Maybe just Hanging a picture with the help of the apple level? Or show off one of the stranger new tricks that your iPhone has picked up this week in the ios7 update.

iOS 7 has a built-in bubble level, of all things. I thought it was a pretty strange edition at first… but then I found myself using it one day. Then again the next day.  To get to the level, open the compass application. Though not immediately obvious, there’s a second page to the app; swipe to the left, and you’ll be at the Apple’s Level.

Double tapping the screen resets the level to consider whatever angle the phone is currently at to be 0°. That design choice, expressed through a series of colored flashes.

screen shot of iOS 7 compass levelscreen shot of iOS 7 compass level.jpg
Good luck finding all the fun cool 200 new items in the new iOS 7. Just like there we’re some in iOS 6.

Leave your comments below about all the pro’s and con’s you are all having. Let’s help apple get it right. I submit my developer notes to them and they read my blog. So thank you fans and apple. Looking forward to all the good fall product release’s this year.

“Let’s get a good comment section going here!!!! For the compass, level and ios7.”

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3 comments on “Secret iOS 7.0 Level and Compass Feature’s
  1. Charlie says:

    Secret compass level rules. So simple yet fun

  2. Warren says:

    now I can hang my office pictures straight with the level, I like the fast action flash light too

  3. Tammy says:

    Cool level. Ill use that

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