Stop & Shop Stops Bring Your Own Bag Money


Stop & Shop’s rebate program that gives customers 5 cents back each time they reuse a shopping bag ended earlier this month, the supermarket chain announced in a letter to customers.

According to the letter, signed by Stop & Shop New York Metro Division President Don Sussman, the rebate program, which launched in 2008, has kept millions of paper and plastic bags from the waste stream.

While we have been greatly encouraged by this, the program has reached a plateau in its effectiveness to encourage shoppers to reuse their bags,” Don Sussman wrote.

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  • Keep a few reusable bags everywhere you go – at your desk, in your car, and at home on a hook or doorknob. That way, you’ll always be prepared if you make an unplanned grocery run.

    Start every shopping list with “remember reusable bags.”

    Put your coupons in one of your reusable bags.

    Keep your reusable bags on a
    carabineer (climber’s clip) so you can grab them all at once and easily clip them to your cart.

    Return your empty reusable bags to your car as soon as you unpack them.
    Above all, make it a habit! Once shopping with reusable bags becomes part of your routine, you’ll be less likely to forget.

  • How do you feel about Stop & Shop discontinuing its Bring-Your-Own-Bag incentive? Will you still use reusable bags?
    Tell us in the comment section below, I still do as most of my family does as well. Every little bit helps when it comes to the planet and recycling.

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    1. Roger says:

      Poor choice to end this program. Come on stop and shop ill shop at waulbaums

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