Bomb Threat Walmart Mooresville 12/11/2017

Update. All clear: 7:37 pm

Following a bomb threat at Walmart this afternoon, Mooresville Police cleared the building and conducted a thorough search. The search is now complete, no suspicious objects were found and the scene is all clear. All roads have been re-opened.

Police are asking people to stay inside and off the roads near Talbert Road. According to WBTV and other sources. The Mooresville Police Department and all safety personnel are following protocol for the incident.

The Walmart in Mooresville has been evacuated. And a portion of 150 from Norman Station Boulevard to Talbert Road is closed.

Photo Mooresville Walmart evacuation from twitter

Photo credit twitter and WBTV

Officials are advising drivers to stay clear.

Police said the store received a call claiming a chemical would be released inside the store. Detectives are searching for that caller.

Walmart statement:

“Our Mooresville store did receive a bomb threat and was evacuated for approximately 2 hours today. The store has reopened after no threat was found. Please refer to local law enforcement with additional questions.”

No further updates at this time.

update 7:14 pm. It appears to be all clear with Walmart. And they are continually monitoring the area and following procedures.

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  1. Ted says:

    Thank you emergency staff for keeping us safe

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