Hoffa is back and he is trying to Fly

Not click bait I promise

Well guess who is back, and flying again?  That’s right it’s Hoffa from AskHoffa.com, and our team is ready to start with a few new projects.  

Some educational streaming videos for younger viewers.  Some daily blog and vlog videos on another channel.  And maybe some interview style questions with live callers with certified housing and credit counselors on another channel.  Content may include home retention as well as loss mitigation assistance for free.  And credit score information, as well as tips, free credit repair advice and steps, and even questions on debt management.  

We are not sure yet of all content but, we will hopefully have something for some people.  We are especially proud at Powerhouse Productions LLC to have started a New YouTube channel venture and site dedicated for children 0-5 to watch videos that are educational, fun, colorfully shot and edited with some production value added that is simple and designed for there age group.  Some thing that can be both entertaining and educational at the same time.  

We are in preproduction with this adventure and the studio is complete. The equipment is being tested.  And training and lesson plans are already being written with a script, and an outline of the work flow.  

We hope you and the children in your life enjoy them as much as we will creating them.  And if anyone has any suggestions about, what children would like to watch on there tablets or phones so moms, dads, babysitters, and you get the point can eat dinner, fold laundry, drive to the store, or to do anything really.  When you just really need a few minutes, or as a reward for your child doing something positive. Let us know in the comments below.  And will try to use your examples moving forward.  We are doing this for our audience and we appreciate you.  

We just want content that will also keep their attention span, help them with counting, colors and at the same time be free for everyone through a media like YouTube.  And by subscribing, you will get notified when all the new videos are available.  Also you can easily go through your favorite videos located in the same area.  

So it’s easy for the kids to just click the next video or you to choose a video or playlist for them.   This is also something that can work if you are visiting your nieces or nephews.  Now you have access to safe, family and children viewing friendly, content on any media device. 

We are looking forward to giving back to both the adults who need a break and to the kids.  Who can clear there mind and follow along to some music, education, shapes, colors, letters, animals.  At the same time, watching and learning some cool tricks they can try at home together with you.  Or if it’s a project they can’t do at home.  At least the children will see how long it takes and how to clean up after.  

Thank you all , hope you enjoy 2017 & 2018 with the AskHoffa team and Powerhouse Productions LLC working together with some external partners on some projects.  

Tune in and thanks for subscribing and have a great week.  Solar eclipse week in America.  Be safe out there.  And let’s hope this eclipse unites us, as a human race.  Even if it’s just for the day!

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